Hey <3,


The voice of this site is me, Becky. I'm an artist who photographs far away landscapes and writes about the pursuit of creative happiness.

I've been obsessed with photography since I was a teenager and built a darkroom in my parents basement. I taught myself how to use a manual camera and developed my own film and black and white prints. The processing was easy, but I couldn't figure out what I wanted to take the pictures for.

So I got a degree in Photography and English Lit. I did a huge volume of work, most of which I did not like. However, I learned to make an idea better by producing and showing and cutting and producing as many times as possible. 

I still didn't know what to say, so I focused on the outdoors because I considered my landscapes skills weakest. In order to practice took a job in a remote National Park as a hotel clerk. Within a few weeks I found myself under the stars photographing mountains at midnight. The outdoors were reflecting back my own desires for living in the moment, finding beauty in the chaos, and understanding the nature of life.

Since then, I've moved to Brooklyn and begun interviewing creative people I admire. Artists are notoriously bad at documenting their work and process and ideas. They suck at self promotion because they're too busy making good art. I think it's important to preserve and share a record of their brilliance, even if they don't see how it all fits together yet. The artwork we all make improves our community's happiness when it's shared.

Angel is my partner and a fixie riding Mechanical Engineer. He started off designing, coding and building systems that save time. Now he also woodworks photo frames and furniture in our studio apartment. One day soon we plan to make an RV out of a school bus and wander for a while.

We may not stay here forever, but NYC formed us. Living here meant we had to cut out every object we didn’t need over and over again until we had enough space. To spend less and less until we couldn’t believe how little we could afford. To say no more and more often until we realized how little time we had left over. 

I'm happier now without what I thought I needed, but I had to be forced. To know the value of time. To spend it wisely. To measure success on conversation depth. 

It makes me happy to know I might make you smile.